The Huntsville Fire Department is a combination department with the majority of the staff being volunteers. Without these volunteers we could not function and provide the types of service we do. The volunteers are trained to SFFMA standards up to and equal to the certification levels of the career staff. Volunteer personnel are allowed to be members of the specialty teams run by the department, and are trained to operate all apparatus. 

  • Anthony Tryon
  • Cassy Brizendine
  • Charles Vaughan
  • Clint Willenburg
  • Dustin LeNorman
  • Fernando Gutierrez
  • Frank Santiago
  • Heather Heathcock
  • Jason Adams
  • Jason Kibby
  • Joe Heaton
  • Joe Martinez
  • John French
  • Joshua Holloway
  • Justin Baack
  • Keith Hudson
  • Kevin Bates
  • Kyle Dockery 
  • Larry Graham
  • Matt Hoff
  • Marcus Ginn
  • Melissa Kitto
  • Ryan Head
  • Steven Countz
  • Thomas Gilbert
  • Tim Stafford
  • Will Wheeler